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Insurance Assistance

Insurance Roofing Experts in East Texas

Filing a property claim can be a stressful and overwhelming process, especially if you don’t have experience dealing with insurance companies. That’s where we at Noble Roofing come in. We’ve been helping home and property owners navigate the insurance claims process and ensure that fair compensation is received for any damage that has occurred to your property. Our goal is to ensure that your provider understands the full scope of services needed to repair your property damage. 

Often insurance companies challenge home and property owners and make it difficult to file a claim. Thats why it is important to work with a property damage expert like Noble Roofing. We have over 7 years of navigating insurance claims for our customers and typically are able to successful get the cost of repairs or replacement covered with just a deductible.

How Claims Assistance Works for Your Property

We  begin with a free inspection of the roof to determine the extent of the damage. Once the inspection is complete, we will work with the property owner to file a claim with their insurance company. This involves gathering all the necessary documentation, such as photos, written damage reports, repair estimates, storm details etc, and submitting it to the insurer. 

Our team will then negotiate with the insurance company on behalf of the homeowner to ensure they receive a fair settlement that covers the cost of repairs or replacement. Throughout the process, the service will keep the homeowner informed of any updates and answer any questions they may have. Overall, our claims assistance services can provide peace of mind and take the burden off homeowners and property owners who are dealing with the aftermath of a storm or hail damage event.

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